The Dublin Lions Club supports many service projects that aid in the betterment of the community.  Listed below are a numer of these projects:

Local Sight & Hearing
Community Benevolence
Diabetes Foundation
Dublin Fire Department
Newbern Fire Department
Fairview Home
Community Betterment
Pulaski Daily Bread
Fairlawn Daily Bread
Women's Resource Center
Emergency Needs Task Force
Bland Memorial - Local Contest
Speech & Hearing Clinic (Radford University)
Handicap Development (Radford University)
Eye Glass Recycling
Salvation Army
Blood Mobiles
I-81 Safety Stop on New Year's Day
M. S. Foundation
Local Boy/Girl Scouts
Youth Outreach

In 2013, the Dublin Lions Club purchased two hand-held sight machines used to detect vision problems.  The machines can detect near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or lazy eye.  Students detected to have vision problems are referred to one of three doctors in Pulaski County after approval by the student's parents or guardians.  Feed back from the doctors has shown the recommendations from the vision machines to be 100% accurate.

The immediate goal of this project is to provide vision screening to all  students in Pulaski County.  Lions Club members working on this project have included:  David Conner; Jim Cook; Dennis Cox, and Don Wheeler.   As of May 2014, the goal to test all students in Pulaski County Schools has been achieved.  This testing was accomplished with the aforementioned Lions Club members with a total of 399 man-hours.

The total number of available students tested during this vision screening program numbered 4,276.