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Lions support mobility globally

The Dublin Lions recently provided a prosthetic leg for Santos Aguilera of Tecucigalpa, Honduras via a grant to Hope To Walk. Hope To Walk, a Blacksburg Virginia charity, provides prosthetics for individuals around the globe. Based on their track record, 70 percent of their recipients are able to return to work again. This allows them to care for themselves, their families and be productive in their communities. We are all wishing Santos well and glad he is able to gain more freedom and mobility.

The Dublin Lions Club has been serving the needs of people in Pulaski County and abroad since their inception in 1953. They provide hands on service, eyeglass and hearing aid assistance and participate in fundraising. They are known for the iconic Lion Dog, their signature entre served annually at the NRV Fair and at their two large seasonal flea markets. More information about them can be found at

Hope to Walk, a group that provides free prosthetics to needy amputees in developing countries. They can be contacted at 540-605-7102 or or by visiting their website at

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