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2019 Fall Flea Market is a success!

The Dublin Lions have just completed sponsoring yet another edition of the Pulaski County Flea Market. This is the rounding out of the 45th year of this event. The event sells preset spaces to vendors, with this year selling over 750 spaces to roughly 325 unique vendors. The crowd was well in excess of 15 thousand for the two-day event. There is over 10 different unique food vendors, with everything from pork BBQ to tacos and kettle corn. The Lions famously sell brooms produced by the blind right up front. Even with all of this to offer, the main event is the Dublin Lions famous Lion Dog, a fried frankfurter on a stick covered with a yummy breading. The recipe remains a secret, but it is no secret it is not a corn dog, as any Lion will tell you they have never sold a corn dog, only a Lion Dog. The Lions will promote another Flea Market on June 6-7, 2020, so please make your plans to attend. To stay up to date, follow Pulaski County Flea Market on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit their website at

Left to Right: Lions Burl, Amy & Kenny preparing Lion Dogs. Lions Amy and Judy striking a pose, Shirley, Lion Dave and Ted selling brooms.

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