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Lion Dogs, Frying and Eating 'em!

The Dublin Lions completed another New River Valley Fair selling their famous Lion Dog. The organization has been selling these tasty treats since the mid 1960s when Lion Don Keister developed the tasty treat. They have estimated they have sold well over 1 million in the last 50 years.

You can get your Lion Dog fix at the fair, or at either the Spring or Fall Pulaski County Flea Market. In between the Dublin Lions have been known to serve one as a quick pick me up for donors at their Bloodmobile.

Check to see if you know any of these Lions. You might catch them frying, or maybe just loafing.

From Top Left Clockwise. Lion Burl Bowman brought his wife Wendy took cook some dogs. Lions Marty and Judy Alford consider entering their dog into the Best Fried Food category at the Fair. Lions Andy Hullender and Jim Cook are "Supervising". Lion Carolyn Hager is displaying her first dog she has cooked. She was trained by Senior Lion Dog cooker Jerry Rotenberry.

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